Introduction to SGS


Introduction to SGS

What is the Safe Gaming System?

The Safe Gaming System (SGS) is a service to protect people who choose to gamble from incurring harm as a result of their gambling and thus have more fun in their recreational gambling. SGS is best described as a "safety net" to guide and assist in managing gambling activity for the benefit of the user. The system is built around the proposition that gambling is a recreational activity (only) that a great number of people enjoy. However, safeguards and controls are essential to protect against developing gambling-related issues that result from excessive or inappropriate gambling, commonly expressed in terms of money lost and/or time spent.

SGS is nether pro or anti-gambling. The system has been designed to provide those who choose to gamble with an effective, personalized means to maintain consistent control over their gambling activities. It is a patented, secure system, which when utilized with each active gambling session, will improve your results and provide a more pleasurable recreational experience.

In short, SGS assists you to control your gambling, rather than allowing your gambling to control you.

Introduction to SGS

When you register for the service, a feature of the system expertly guides you through making decisions about your personal, affordable limits on gambling. Your money and time limits are set in advance, prior to engaging in a gambling session. This allows you to think more rationally and clearly about what your reasonable gambling limits should really be. Your "budget" of time and money is set at an affordable limit for your personal circumstances. SGS has a module that assists you in deciding what your affordable limits are.

Your objective is that you only use the "budgeted" time and money (or less) for gambling, and nothing more. Once your affordable gambling expenditure limits are reached for any given period, no further funding should be utilized until your next "budget" period. In this way, you avoid circumstances where you may gamble with funds or time that you cannot afford to lose. The technical part is an information technology (IT) system that supports this "safety net" process from initial registration through ongoing supervision of limits and other agreed parameters.

If maintaining effective control over your gambling is important to you, then SGS service is a must. For the system to operate as designed, it must be integrated within the casino or online gambling site.



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