Thank you for visiting my personal Website. The purpose of this site is to share information about my background, current activity and outlook/philosophy with business associates, friends, and others with common interests. My lifelong passion has been designing and implementing new systems that substantially improve business operations and profitability.
Other systems that are a high priority to me are those that make a contribution to our social welfare.

On the social theme, I have long been concerned with the adverse human effects associated with the upsurge of the gambling activity over the entire developed world. I am especially focused on creating and implementing a large scale means to protect recreational gamblers from developing gambling-related issues and thus enjoy the gambling experience more, rather than having it develop into a harmful activity.

Worldwide, there are approximately 2.2 billion people who choose to gamble. Of that number, a conservative estimate would be that there are at least 150 million people who incur significant suffering due to their own gambling issues. Some studies have shown that each such "problem gambler" (a.k.a. "disordered gambler") negatively affects the lives of 7-10 other people, that is, family, coworkers, friends and others. It would therefore be reasonable to estimate that the lives of much more than a billion people worldwide (one of every seven) are somehow adversely affected by inappropriate gambling. I know of nothing else that I have the capability to do, or contribute to, that would have a greater positive social impact than to achieve some degree of success in ameliorating this situation. Thus, I designed a "Safe Gaming System" to address this high-priority, worldwide social issue.

There are powerful forces that oppose the implementation of solutions to this pervasive problem. Unfortunately, many governments are partially financed by gambling revenues and have become "addicted" to those revenues. The collective gambling industry is one of the most powerful entities one could possibly attempt to sway, especially considering that their revenues are directly dependent upon the financial losses of their patrons. I certainly do not paint the entire industry with the same brush. There are some remarkable visionaries within the ranks of the gambling industry. However, in my experience, the typical gambling venue manager's concern for increasing revenue and net income far outweighs concern for the welfare of their patrons.

I hope you will spend some of your valuable time getting acquainted with the details of this issue and my proposal to help the situation as offered herein.

The Safe Gaming System

After researching the substance and history of gambling-related problems in great depth, and examining various potential scenarios to reduce the occurrence of major gambling issues, my conclusion was that there is an effective way to prevent people from unnecessarily suffering due to excessive and/or inappropriate gambling.

The best solution applies technology and policy to gambling that essentially adds "input controls" into all legal gambling activities. That is, a "safe gaming" system that assists in establishing and "sticking to" reasonable, personal recreational gambling limitations for each individual who chooses to gamble.

The Safe Gaming System (SGS) offers and acquires pre-commitments for the gambler to comply with the personal limiting parameters before actual gambling activity is undertaken. It subsequently enforces those limits during live gambling sessions.

The important point is to individually construct non-harmful "limits" based upon the means and affordability of the individual, and then by agreement, pre-commit to stay within those limits in real time.

The technical part is an information technology (IT) system that supports this "safety net" process from initial registration through ongoing supervision of limits and other agreed parameters.

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